Reasons for Buying Hanging Planters at Hundred Acre Wood


If you have a green thumb or you just simply want to add beauty to your indoors, then getting a hanging planter from us at Hundred Acre Wood is one of the best things that you can do for your home or personal space. Sure you can get a hanging planter from your local home decor shop but our personalized service is unparalleled as we deliver service from the heart with our customers in mind.  Here are other reasons why we are your best option in the market.


Variety of Choices

We have a variety of stocks for products that will make your place a little bit homier than it already is. We have hanging planters made of ceramic, copper and industrial in design and we also offer tools such as watering cans for your indoor and hanging plants. This is just some of products offered in our growing online shop for hanging planters and you can be sure to get more of our lovely offers in the coming months.

Free Delivery and Free Returns

One of the things that we offer to our valued customers is free delivery for every purchase. This is so because we at Hundred Acre Wood value your time and we do not want you to go the extra mile and spend more just to get one of our products. With us, it’s going to be a hassle-free shopping of high quality products delivered right at your doorstep. Another guarantee that we offer to our customers is free return of the product if you are not happy with it. This is how confident we are with our products. We will not offer items that will lead us to losing what we have invested on.

Personalized Service

Our shop and our products are maintained by two individuals who are lovers of the outdoors and think that it would be nice to bring some beauty of the outdoors into the four walls of our living room or personal areas. At Hundred Acre Wood we package our products by our own hands just like we would for gifts to our loved ones.